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Linda Carone Vintage Jazz and Blues

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"Plenty of jazz vocalists have great voices. Many of them explore the treausres of the Great American Songbook. Linda Carone gets full marks for both and makes it all infinitely more interesting by interpreting far from exploited gems from the jazz/blues oeuvre, going right back to the 1920s. Who knew there were so many relatively under-heard tunes? In the hands of a wonderful singer and a first class team of players, these old songs perform the seemingly contradictory feat of blasting new life into an established genre." 

Mark Rheaume
CBC Radio

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‘Livin’ Life My Way’, the final track on the album, gets the message across that the hero(ine) does really win in the end. A woman who sees the way she wants it and reaches out to grab that life and live it her own way.

Linda Carone is a breath of fresh air in the vocal department, and the music and arrangements on this album are clean and well-produced. Truly a delightful and refreshing musical offering."

Sandy Graham
Cashbox Canada

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“Black Moonlight” is a wonderful record to wind down to. Carone’s silky flowing sound is soothing and relaxing while at the same time offering a foot tapping good time.

Vintage Swing Review April 17th, 2017

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The songs are indicators of a life view that acknowledges the beauty and the grit, the dark, the light and the tunnel in between.

Lenny Stoute
Cashbox Canada

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Carone possesses a mature, sensual instrument that when combined with her period support makes for irresistible listening.

C. Michael Bailey May 28th, 2017
All About Jazz

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Eloquent discs of the Blues have established the idiom as an African-American one and anything other than coming from that source may be derivative, but every once in a while there comes a disc such as Black Moonlight seemingly from left field which suggests the presence of an “African” heart and soul in a musician of great abilities such as Linda Carone.

Raul da Gama August 22, 2017

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LIVE REVIEWS was a lovingly curated shout out to the huge contributions made to the blues by female artists,

Lenny Stoute
Cashbox Canada

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