Linda Carone

Vintage Jazz and Blues Vocalist

Linda Carone Vintage Jazz and Blues

Toronto Canada live music

Linda Carone jazz vocalist singer artist



MY Music Video is a CIFF Winner !

Great news! My MUSIC VIDEO submission is now  a winner in the Creation International Film Festival Winter session 2018. Seems if you don't take the chance you'll never know what is possible. It's wonderful to be acknowledged when you've worked hard on a passion project. Sure, I was flying by the seat of my pants as I created this video. learning along the way. I worked on this project sans a budget and mainly had to rely on my own talents. I took it as far as I could go and must say it's a good to have that feeling of a sense of accomplishment. Creating something with a passion, a concept, and the creative tools to make it happen... something that others have taken note of and show appreciation. Thanks to CIFF and you for watching and sharing. Sweet!!! 


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