Linda Carone

Vintage Jazz and Blues Vocalist

Linda Carone Vintage Jazz and Blues

Toronto Canada live music

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I can fall in love with a song. Once that song comes to me.. I must listen to it, find out what I can about it, learn it, build a chart, find the right key for me and sing it. There is something about really getting into a song, finding a connection with it and discovering that it suits you, in personality and as a vocalist. That’s what happened when I heard 'Blue Prelude’. A song written in 1933, Words by Gordon Jenkins (22 years of age at the time) and Music by Joe Bishop. This pair wrote this song while working with Isham Jones and His Orchestra. A melancholy tune covered by few artists since the first recording by The Casa Loma Orchestra in 1933. Lena Horne covered it in 1947, Judy Garland in 1957 and Nina Simone in 1959.  


My favourite version is by Mildred Bailey. Here’s my version. I think this one is a keeper, I will sing it over and over again.


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