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Marihuana vs Lotus Blossom

December 5th...
Today in America is what is known as Repeal Day. The Day Prohibition ended December 5, 1933, with the adoption of the 21st Amendment. Of course, prohibition did not stop people from drinking and having fun for those 13 years prior to that day. People flocked to the speakeasies, where jazz bands played. There was a Liberation, Revolution!, Wild Dancing, Men and Women drank together and you know what that can lead to!
So it’s no surprise that Repeal Day parties are popular this time of the year. Time to Celebrate! I had the pleasure of entertaining the crowd at Spirithouse in Toronto as part as a Repeal Day Celebration being held there. 

This particular video represents the essence of this era, although it is not a song about alcohol, it is about Marihuana which at the time was legal in some states and not in others, during the time of prohibition. This song was originally called SWEET MARIJUANA (aka "Marahuana”) (by Arthur Johnston and Sam Coslow). It was a song and dance number from a 1934 film called 'Murder at the Vanities’. The song was censored and then went through lyrical changes as well as a title change, now known as LOTUS BLOSSOM  (aka "Sweet Lotus Blossom”). Here is a little clip from my last gig singing it! 


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